Wood is the lifeblood of our planet.  Trees and plants take the air we breathe out - and transform it into the oxygen we need to live. 

A piece of natural wood - especially the live edge, grain-rich pieces I work with - unite us directly with the earth. 

Out on a walk you can view the outside of a tree.  These pieces bring a precious tree into your home - to experience its inherent beauty

in your daily life.  A piece to observe - study - use - and become a treasure in your home.

Big leaf maple burl, English elm, cherry, and maple are a few of the exceptional woods I use

to create functional art for your home or workplace. 

Let me work with you to create a piece that suits your environment. 



My tables come in many sizes, with many functions. They like to make their own statements - using color, shape, texture, surface variations. My examination of the raw wood often brings suggestions of what might be.  Sometimes simplicity.  Sometimes dramatic.  Always unique - and intriguing. These tables say “Look at me - and take the time to get to know me better."



While table surfaces are a great way to experience the texture of wood, there are many other ways to enjoy a wood's special character. Here are some other ways I like to use wood.

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